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Is this the WikiEnd? Not a chance

It’s a catchy headline and there’s a provocative idea in David Carr’s Sunday op-ed: “…when it comes to leaking, it is not whistles that are in short supply, but whistleblowers.”

That may be true, but this is also true: Secrets are NOT in short supply. Especially in regions that have so far eluded WikiLeaks: Russia, Turkmenistan, North Korea, to name a few.

We’ve got secrets. We’ve got people who are (increasingly) frustrated by the excesses of government secrecy. And we’ve got the tech to make leaking secure, anonymous and globally networked.

So this is not the WikiEnd.

Carr says so himself, typo and all: “Still, over the much longer haul, new chapters in the info wars, along with new and better technologies, will emerge. We are likely to be in a lull, not at an end, [sic] After all, the one thing the world is not short on is secrets.”